To help ensure your Platinum Jubilee celebrations are safe, Theydon Bois Parish Council encourages all residents to follow these simple rules when erecting bunting, flags or banners around the village


  • Please be aware of danger from any overhead lines and be careful when using ladders at height
  • Whenever possible, please erect any bunting from house-to-house rather than across the road or the pavement.
  • Ensure items are securely fixed, noting that anchor points such as a drainpipe can easily be pulled away if any force is applied to the bunting
  • Make sure that the bunting is as taut as possible and check that it doesn’t sag, both over time and especially if it gets wet
  • If bunting is positioned over a road, there is a legal requirement to ensure a minimum clearance of 5.7 metres (18 feet, 8 inches) above the highway. This will ensure safe and unimpeded access for emergency vehicles, refuse lorries and other high-sided vehicles
  • Please don’t allow bunting to obscure road signs and avoid placing it on street trees


As part of the Parish Council’s beacon lighting celebrations, vintage double-decker bus tours will be run during the late afternoon/evening around a route that includes  The Avenue of trees, Forest Drive, Dukes Avenue, Woodland Way, Morgan Crescent (between Woodland Way & Piercing Hill only), Piercing Hill and The Avenue.