Epping Forest District Council recently had their Civic Award Ceremony and one of the main awards was given to the Epping Forest Community Champions. The Community Champions include Theydon Bois own Sue Sowerby. The Community Champions are volunteers working together in towns and villages across the district sharing ideas and experiences from their communities. With training and support they bring their inter-personal skills and life experiences to a role designed to help transform the health and wellbeing of others in their communities.

These volunteers reach out to the local community promoting the uptake of services available; contacting people living alone or in need; undertaking campaigns to promote health awareness; collecting findings on specific health issues affecting the area such as loneliness and social isolation, physical activity, mental health and emotional wellbeing; encouraging healthy lifestyles and making referrals to exercise classes, to employment services, to local events and to transport links.

Winners of the Team of the Year award

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