The Parish Council recently contacted the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group to request the prompt reopening of The Limes’ Thrifts Mead GP Surgery.

The Parish Council have received several complaints from residents in recent weeks concerning the poor service from The Limes in Epping and the continued closure of the Thrifts Mead Surgery. We therefore undertook to write to the body overseeing GP Surgeries in this area, The West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (WECCG). We have recently received an unsatisfactory reply from both The Limes and WECCG, and worryingly there appear to be no plans to reopen the Thrifts Mead Surgery in the short term. The Parish Council have replied to the WECCG with a letter asking for assurances that the Surgery will be reopened and asking for a better telephone service for patients when ringing the main surgery in Epping. We have also received assistance from Essex County Councillor Holly Whitbread who has promised to back up our letter with her own. We are ready to escalate this matter further up the hierarchical chain is necessary.