Cemetery & Allotments


Theydon Bois Cemetery
Abridge Road
Theydon Bois
CM16 7NP

Burial Clerk: Mary Gill

Email:  mary200g@aol.com

The Lawn Cemetery of Theydon Bois, was established in 1962. It was created with the purpose of burials for the residents of Theydon Bois and surrounding areas. The cemetery is set within a peaceful backdrop, surrounded by trees and countryside, making it an inviting place for visitors to come and take time to reflect on their loved ones.

The cemetery is maintained by the Parish Council. It is a welcoming place and its layout includes a consecrated side for Church of England burials and a non-consecrated side for all other burials. In the cemetery there is also a Memorial Garden for cremations and plenty of benches around the grounds to rest, remember and pause for a moment. 

The entrance to the cemetery is clearly signposted and can be accessed via Abridge Road. 


Theydon Bois Cemetery
Theydon Bois Cemetery
Theydon Bois Allotment


The Theydon Bois Parish Council Allotments are situated just off Loughton Lane.  The allotments have been there for many years and over that time Theydon Bois residents have enjoyed this great opportunity of growing a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers. 

In these current days of rising food costs, the concerns over food adulterants and the environmental effects of food miles, means it simply makes sense to grow your own.  There is a great sense of community and shared experience at the allotments and we have noticed a big rise in young families looking to get involved in this rewarding venture, so why not give ‘Growing your Own’ a try?  We welcome new tenants, so if you are interested, please enquire if there are any available plots.

 The allotment site is maintained by a firm of professional gardeners, however it is essential that each plot holder maintains their plot regularly. Once a plot is assigned to a tenant, it is their responsibility to ensure the site remains clear and tidy. After all, allotments are all about putting the time in to reap the rewards.  

 The plots are £45.00 per year irrespective of size and you will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement on purchase.  For more information, please contact the Parish Clerk directly on 01992 813442 or email parishclerk@theydonbois-pc.gov.uk

Please note there is a current waiting list for a plot (May 2023) 




Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Would you like the opportunity to make a difference?  If so, we openly encourage residents to attend meetings to engage with the Parish Council and see how you can be part of community projects and initiatives.

For more information about the village of Theydon Bois, its history and the range of activities on offer, please visit:  theydon.org.uk

Parish Office, Village Hall Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Essex CM16 7ER

Call us: 07927 581856

Email us: parishclerk@theydonbois-pc.gov.uk