Parish Office
The Village Hall 
Coppice Row
Theydon Bois 
Essex CM16 7ER

Telephone: 01992 813442


Planning Enquiries


Chairman: Peter Gooch
Vice Chairman  Anthony Purkiss
Parish Clerk  Julia Gale
Assistant Parish Clerk  Sarah Gysbers


Committee Membership:  
Finance & General Purposes  Cllrs. Hannibal (Chair), Gooch, Purkiss, Burn, Amos & Blake
Planning Cllrs. Gooch (Chair), Burn, Hannibal,  Amos, Morton, Blake, Cowup  
Cemetery & Allotment Cllrs. Purkiss (Chair), Amos,  Gill, Gooch.
Community Liaison Cllrs. Gill (chair) , Morton, Blake, Cowup   
Highways & Environment Cllrs. Purkiss (Chair), Gooch, Hannibal, Cowup, & Gill 
Neighbourhood Plan  Cllrs. Burn & Gooch


Bank Signatories  Cllrs. Gooch, Hannibal & Purkiss 
Complaints Cllrs. Hannibal, Gooch & Blake
Transport Rep TBA
Health/GP Liaison Cllr. Amos
Police Liaison Cllr. Purkiss & Cllr Cowup
Health & Safety  Parish Clerk 
Buxton Trust Cllr. Purkiss
Local Council Liaison Cllr. Burn & Purkiss
National Playing Fields Cllr. Hannibal 
Theydon News Desk 
(Village News & Village Website) 

Cllr. Burn

Editors: Tony Ames & Jim Watts 

Rural Preservation  Cllr. Purkiss
Tree Strategy Cllr. Purkiss & Burn
United Charities  Cllr. Hannibal
Village Association Cllrs. Gooch & Cowup


Parish Council Nominated Persons on External Bodies:  
Theydon Youth & Community Trust:  Cllr. Gooch
Employees of the Council:  
Parish Clerk  Jennifer Endean
Deputy Parish Clerk and RFO Julia Gale
Burial Clerk  Fiona Dodd
Planning Clerk Jane Sounes


Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Would you like the opportunity to make a difference?  If so, we openly encourage residents to attend meetings to engage with the Parish Council and see how you can be part of community projects and initiatives.

For more information about the village of Theydon Bois, its history and the range of activities on offer, please visit:

Parish Office, Village Hall Coppice Row, Theydon Bois, Essex CM16 7ER

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